Hey, I'm Emily!

I'm a multi-faceted, self-taught, visual artist with a passion for graphic design, photography, web design, illustration and handlettering. My spirit is bold and annoyingly optimistic, as is my art.


In 2017, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 31 years old.  Unfortunately, because of physical and cognitive limitations from aggressive cancer treatment, I'm not able to work in the traditional roles I once did. But the one thing I can and love to do is make art! 

I never anticipated that my career as I knew it would end just as it was beginning, but the one passion that has carried me through my life is art. Soooo, I'm putting my art out into the universe with fingers crossed that it propels me into the next phase of my life!

Thanks for being here! Please support by following or check out my art shop :)


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