FINDING Yourself in Unexpected Places

My friend recently shared that they searched for mastectomy tattoos & my photo popped up! I LOVE that I show up in those search results 🥰 And do you know why I do?

Because I put myself out there.

I pinned my photo to Pinterest & now Pinterest is spreading it like wildfire. That speaks to the power of Pinterest - to grow your platform, whatever that may be, the power of imagery and the power of visualization. When I pinned this photo, I visualized other breast cancer patients finding it & being inspired. After my friend posted this screenshot, another person spoke up & said that they had saved this photo too! Because it inspired them (and this was before they joined the group/knew who I was!) I guess what I'm getting at with this is: put yourself out there. JUST DO IT. Your voice, stories, opinions, art, and beliefs matter to someone. And helping one person is better than helping none.

I took the bra photo the day before my double mastectomy. Though my boobs look nice outwardly, my left breast was one big tumor 😔 and I was very sick. I took the photos as a farewell to the breasts that I lived with for 31 years, the breasts that sustained my daughter's life for many months. I also planned to take the same photo later, without breasts. Even though I planned it, I didn't anticipate the shift that would occur. Despite having no breasts, mastectomy scars & radiation burns, can you see the difference in the photos? I'll give you a hint: it has nothing to do with my breasts (or lack thereof).

THAT is my message & why I do everything I can to amplify it. Because finally truly KNOWING that beauty has nothing do with appearance was life changing. Yes, it took a mastectomy for me to appreciate my body & soul for everything it is, but I hope that by putting myself out there, others will come to know this about themselves without having to experience that pain.

This is me. I'm NOT ashamed, nor will I hide or dress a certain way to make others feel more comfortable. I will embrace & stand proud of my body & what it has had to overcome to be here on Earth.

#doyouboo #loveyourself XO, Emily

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