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Hey, I'm Emily!

I'm a mama to a magical little girl, w
ife to a total fox, and have a crazy passion for creating beautiful things and helping others. I'm a self-taught artist specializing in: 

- Graphic design
- Handlettering & font creation
- Illustration

& a bunch of other cool stuff :) 


Soooooo... let's just jump right into the nitty gritty of it...  





In 2017, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was recently married, had just celebrated my 31st birthday & was busy immersed in life as a new mom (we had a 1 year old at home). I spent 15 months treating the disease, which consisted of:  

• (13) 5 hour IV chemotherapy infusions 
•  A double mastectomy with flat closure _ _
• (30) rounds of radiation 
• (8) 3-week cycles of oral chemotherapy 
• (6) months of physical therapy 

I am currently alive and have no evidence of disease (amen!!!) ❤ My breast cancer experience has also lead me to become a visible advocate in the breast cancer and "going flat" communities, which you can learn about here.

Unfortunately, I didn't prepare for how cancer and it's treatments would ravage my career and leave me with permanent disabilities including lymphedema, nerve damage, and cognitive impairments. 

Living on one income puts an immense pressure on our family, so I am building up my art portfolio & creating a coloring book on Patreon in the hopes that I can contribute financially to our family by doing what I love most: making art, connecting with & helping others, and advocacy. 

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