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I'm Emily :)


I'm a 35 year old mama, mrs, artist & activist from Wisconsin!

I've been coloring, creating & photographing life since I was a little girl; I got it from my mama who is also a badass artist 🙃 My favorite forms of art are graphic design, web design, handlettering & photography. 

Some other facts about me: 
♥ I also love to paint abstracts

♥ Oh, and I make jewelry!

♥ Annnnnd, I like to play with glitter ✨

♥ Oh, and make cool stuff with resin!

♥ I collect rocks

♥  I definitely function off caffeine
♥ I definitely believe in aliens 👽

♥ My style is bright & bold, but IRL, I'm shy AF!

And, one of the most influential facts about me is that in 2017 at the age of 31, I was diagnosed with stage III triple negative breast cancer. My daughter was only one year old at the time. My personal experience - along with the insights I've gained and the community I love - inspire me to use my voice and artistic abilities to advocate for breast cancer awareness and other issues facing marginalized communities.

I'm proud to be the founder of "Flatties Unite" - a beautiful Facebook support community and safe space to over two thousand flat closure patients and friends 💖

AND one of the founding members, and current Vice President of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Flat Closure NOW!

EMPOWERHAUS is the name of my shop which could be described as my art gallery, or an eclectic e-boutique? It serves as a home for everything I feel inspired to present to the world! 😂

Thank you for stopping by! Please follow along on Instagram @empowerhaus

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